Two More Done!

I was an overachiever yesterday and painted TWO windows :) I was thinking about just getting all 4 that were left done, but I think the remaining two are actually operable (I know at least one is) so those will take a tad more work. And, I was lazy :)

But, hey hey hey, I cleaned them

And then primed them

And then they got two color coats. You might think it's weird to be priming these already white windows when the color coat is white also, but there are some spots here and there where the wood is raw and I've always found using primer before (even with white) results in a much more even and solid finish with your color coat

Oh hey, and look at that I cleaned! :) I showed a little preview on Facebook yesterday afternoon because I was so proud of myself. This is the cleanest the nook has been since we moved in. I am both ashamed and proud of that. Pathetic :)

Aaaannnd, after the two color coats were dry I even put up the candycane wrapping paper in the windows. I wanted to do the paper on a diagonal, but the windows are 5 ft. tall so I'd have to use several sheets per window to make it work because the paper isn't wide enough. And, well, I was too lazy. But they still look awesome

And it even looks pretty awesome in morning too

I'm on fire! :) Now I just have to get to the rest of those windows and Christmas decorations by the end of the day on Saturday...


Deb said...

Looking great - and...you're NOT lazy...you've got a job(s) and a baby! Makes a huge difference in life, right?

rosedel said...

I love it! The candy cane paper is perfect for the windows. I also like the floor in that room. You are doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful! Have you ever thought about using frosted film (or something like that) on those windows for year-round use? All the light and no pesky curtains!

meryl rose said...

Oh man Deb, does it.

Thanks rosedel! Every bit of cheering helps! :)

Anon - I hadn't ever actually thought about that. I had always intended on hanging a curtain, but you do bring up an excellent point because this room gets so much awesome natural light. Especially in the morning. It is gorgeous.

Sarah Ugly Duckling House said...

Candy cane decor - clever idea!