2013: A Year in Photos

I've done this for a couple years now and I find it fun to look back on things, so here it is again: a review of 2013 month by month to celebrate the new year - HAPPY 2014!

In January we discovered that grouting basketweave still sucks donkey balls

We spent a lot of time in the shower also, making the shower curb and tiling the floor.

We basically spent the entire month of February tiling the walls of the bathroom

Oh my god we tiled and tiled and tiled and tiled.

March was so exciting because we finished TWO rooms: the TV room

And the back bathroom

April rolled around and we spent a considerable amount of time digging under the house and in the backyard

Thanks to our family we got our drywell done and made some serious headway on the earthquake retrofit.

May came and while it was the month of our due date, Zoe wasn't making her arrival so I decided to mulch our entire front yard myself at 41 weeks pregnant

In June we had a baby :)

Oh, and we were on the front page of the SF Chron Home & Garden section :)

By July we got back in the swing of things and made some serious progress on the laundry room

We painted, laid the floor and put our CDs (all 2400 of them) back in.

We moved on to the hallway in August and I painted my third room by the time Zoe was 2 months old

In September we sort of wandered around a bit, though we did complete the hallway and got that one fully checked off the list!

October was the month of working on our bed

We tested stains, and after I stained the face frames like shit I fixed them all up nice and pretty.

By November we were really slowing down on house project - life got busy with Zoe and LOTS of handyman jobs, but I was happy to finish the large paintings for our bedroom

And then December hit and I fell over. Well, metaphorically speaking at least. I of course took a bit of a blogging break, but that doesn't mean we didn't work on the house while I was away. In fact, I can't wait to share with you some exciting news...

The bed isn't done, but we are officially not sleeping on a mattress on the floor anymore, hoo-fucking-ray!

It's always really fun to write these posts because it makes me feel like we really accomplished some shit. While it's apparent that things really slowed down around October and November time, I really can't fault us at all, I mean, there's this little adorable lady to play with

Happy New Year everyone! And may we all kick some serious fucking ass in 2014.


Deb said...

Loving the pink toolbox! You guys did a TON in 2013... Happy New Year!

sarah said...

Hoo-fucking-ray indeed! I cannot wait to see that bed completed. It already looks amazing. You did get a lot done this past yr...gonna run out of projects soon!

meryl rose said...

Chris' boss got her that toolbox for Christmas and she LOVES it.

Sarah - I know, we're for sure reaching the finish line!