2014 House Goals: Maybe, Possibly, A Finished House?

I'm a little late on this this year, but it's still January, so I'm thinking I'm not too late. And the goal for this year? Maybe getting the house done! And when you look at it, there really isn't a ton left that has to get done - this is our smallest to do list. Pretty much ever

See? Not much! Of course, I'm not sure if this will actually get done this year because there are three fairly large building projects. But it's always important to dream!

The list is really in no order at all and we'll probably jump around a ton, so don't think the 1-5 actually mean anything. And even when we do put projects in "order" we never actually stick to it.


Half of it is looking like this

(well, actually, it's not this pretty anymore because we have all the drawer fronts for the bed sitting on the ground, but you get the idea).

We started this room the year we moved in - yes, that's 5 years ago. So I think it might be finally time we get this room done. Especially because the other side of the room looks like this

There are some smaller items on the list - like installing the rest of the floor, but then there are larger items - like building and installing cabinets. Those cabinets will take a fair amount of time, but we're also going to paint them, so building paint grade cabinets instead of stain grade will go a lot quicker. Then there are finishing touches - a counter over the washer/dryer, trim, etc. - but hopefully this room doesn't take forever. Well, forever more than forever has already taken.

2. Backyard projects

Our "grass" looks like shit

So this weekend we're actually going to rip it alllllllll out, install some sprinklers and then lay sod (well, the sod will come next week). I realize laying sod after the dryest January in recorded history in California is slightly irresponsible, but we also have all of our other landscaping on drip, and after the initial heavier waterings to get things established we will only need to water once a week (we researched for drought tolerant sod). This will be especially nice to get done because Zoe is getting to be quite the mover lately and we don't really have a baby friendly area in the backyard for her to hang out.

After we finished building the pergola, we left it alone for 2+ years, so I'd like to finally finish it. That includes putting some twinkly lights up, and figuring out the seating because this doesn't look terribly inviting

And we might also put some lattice around the addition by veggie garden 2.0, but I'm not sure about that one.


The front room

Yeah, it's filled with a lot of crap at various times. And all we need to do is buff that tile around the fireplace and build that sports ticket table...

Then there's also the bedroom

This one is super, super nearing the homestretch. We just need to build the drawers for the bed, finish the headboard, and hang up some miscellaneous items. Hopefully this one is finished up soon!

4. The nook

This room doesn't actually need much. The ceiling and walls need a little bit of repair and then they'll need to be painted (which will be slightly challenging because the walls are curved). I want to paint the top of that table in a fun pattern and we'll need some chairs for it (though for the time being I have 2 chairs meant for the sports ticket table in here). The pantry also needs to be more organized and touched up. Oh, and let's not forget about finally getting those last two windows painted and some proper curtains hung (no more drywall "curtains" please!) Then there are little finishing touches. So yeah, not too much?

And lastly, Chris' office

This room actually doesn't have much to do. The most glaring problem is the ceiling

There's clearly some repair that needs to be done. Then paint of course. The walls also need a little tiny bit of repair here and then, and then paint. But really, other than that it's fun stuff (hanging artwork, maybe something cool with the curved mantel).

So what do you think? Can we get all of this done this year? Zoe is mobile and will be even crazier once she can walk (ahhh!) so I know it will be fun learning to renovate with a toddler running around

For the time being I'll take her army crawl.


Samantha said...

That light fixture in Chris's office is super cool! And the cabinets above the washer and dryer--are those leaded glass? Are you going to incorporate them into the new design or remove them?

meryl rose said...

Thanks! It was here when we got here, though it didn't have any shades, so we added those. And yes, the glass is leaded - the cabinet used to be in the kitchen and we moved it into the laundry room because it just seemed more functional. We'll be sprucing it up a bit, but totally leaving it in place because we love it.

Heather said...

Wait a minute, houses can be . . . finished?

rosedel said...

Oh that pesky laundry room! lol And aren't you going to build a storage something or other in the front room for working out stuff? Did I miss a decision?
It really is a short list this year. I like that you skip around and work on different things. It keeps things lively!

Samantha said...

Those are really lovely cabinets. I can't wait to see how you guys finish the laundry room!

meryl rose said...

Heather - I know, the thought of a "finished house" sort of gives me a panic attack.

Rosedel - we were going to build something (man, you have a good memory), but I put a pre-built one on my wishlist for Christmas and my parent's got it for us, hooray!

Samantha - I know, aren't they awesome! I can't wait either, oohhhhh the storage :)

sarah said...

I also find this hard to believe. :P