Adopted Family Friday: Janice from Life Begins at 30, Right?

*The thing I've learned about parenting is that there is ALWAYS another opinion. Friends, family, doctors, nurses - everyone has an opinion about everything. And while sometimes this is frustrating, I also find it refreshing. Especially when talking to friends. Internet friends also :) So here we are for another edition of "Adopted Family Friday!"

Say hello to Janice from Life Begins at Thirty, Right? If you don't know, Janice has an awesome blog about renovating her Victorian home. What I love about her is that she's always honest - she talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly. She's not afraid to talk about when things go wrong, not according to plan, or (of course) when they eventually end up great. And now she and her husband are also raising their adorable son Luca and it's been a lot of fun watching him grow and see how they tackle renovating and little man adventures. So without further ado...

Hey Meryl!! Thanks for having me over to your little corner of blog-land! For your readers who don't know me, I'm Janice. I have an old Victorian rowhouse in Toronto, Ontario and I blog about it over here. I'm married and I have a 19 month old son, Luca.

When I was a kid, I  made a promise to my dad. A big one. I even put it in writing (and I think he kept it in his wallet).

I promised to never cut my hair.

It was funny - I had this long wavy/frizzy brown hair and it was like it had always been that way (which I now know, is impossible ;-). And so it made sense to me that I would make such a promise. Why would I get rid of anything that was...part of me?

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.00.05 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.59.09 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.04.51 PM
(I know - not the best pics of my hair but all I have on my computer)

Well...I cut it. Just the first of many disappointments, I'm sure. I'm not sure how it started. How I convinced my mom to take me to have it cut. Honestly, my memory is so shoddy that maybe I did it myself. Just the beginning of my DIY career. All I know is that it was cut. And my dad was sad. And I ended up looking something like this:

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.04.31 PM

Get your laughs out now. It's fine. Don't pretend you didn't go through a hella-awkward phase at some point. :-)

But ya...my dad was sad. I thought then that he was sad that I had broken my promise. And years later, I figured he was sad because he had a daughter that looked like the illegitimate child of Jim Carrey in "Dumb and Dumber".

Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber

But it was only after I found a box of keepsakes in my parents' basement that I really found out why my dad was sad. In the box was a bunch of stuff - report cards, photos, homemade books and letters written home from camp. But that wasn't all...deep in that box was an envelope. It was pretty beaten up and had some tape on it, but as a regular old snoop of a kid (I used to unwrap Christmas presents in advance of the big day), that tape didn't hold me back.

And what was in that envelope? My hair. A pretty large chunk of my frizzy, wavy kid hair.

And then I got it.

Try as you might, kids are going to grow up. Their little fingers and toes will get long. Their chubby cheeks will (probably) disappear. Their soft, downy hair will be replaced by frizzy, wavy or unruly hair. Their childhood promises will be broken as they grow and become independent.

"I'll never cut my hair"

"I'll never cross the street without holding your hand"

"I'll never leave you"

Now that I have a son, all of this is all too familiar. Too raw. He holds my hand today and I can already envision the day he pulls his away out of embarrassment.  Jokes about his wedding day make my stomach drop. I'm such a cliche.

But more than that, I'm a mom. I grew him. I birthed him. I nourished him. I care for him and put his needs ahead of everyone else. And you know what? I think that entitles me to be a cliche.

Oh...and I cried when we cut his hair. ;-)








So go on...be a cliche :-) You are allowed!!

(PS - did you cry when you cut your child's hair for the first time? Did you keep it or do you think that is creepy?)


*I love sharing other people's opinions, so if you're interested in guest posting on Adopted Family Friday, shoot me an email at meryl.phillips@mindspring.com!


Shannon said...

I still haven't cut Trevor's hair -and it needs it, bad!

I was the only one to cut Tyler's hair for the first year...but then even I had to admit it was time for the hairdressers!

thanks for the laughs! That is some haircut!!

Shelley said...

Looks like he was a champion through the whole thing!

InteriorGroupie said...

We have already had to trim Owen's hair twice! It was a DIY project (cause what is a barber going to do with a squirmy 4 month old?!?) but I definitely kept the locks from the first trim :)

Molly Morrison said...

I've cut Harpers hair a total of twice in 2 years. It is long, curly and just stunning - I cant bring myself to set the clippers on it again!

Molly Morrison said...
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Molly Morrison said...
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Molly Morrison said...
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