That's a Motherfucking Bed

It's not done, but there's a bed in our room, yay!!!!!! We've had the 3 base pieces built for a while, but before we moved it in, there was still one last thing that needed to get completed: Chris built a little bit of a frame on the bottom of the bed so it the entire flat surface wouldn't be sitting on top of our rug

And THEN, it was time to move it inside. You'd think that with only this last little step left until we could move it inside we would have completed it a long time ago so that the three base pieces weren't occupying a significant portion of the garage. But, no. It still took a month to get done. Oh well. It did make finally getting it moved inside VERY exciting.

Zoe was super cooperative and we set her down on a blanket in the front room with several toys and moved in each base piece one at a time


Once the 3 pieces we inside we had to go about attaching them, which Zoe found very entertaining

We used some shims to make sure all the pieces were even with each other before they got attached

Then we used hardware on the top to attach the pieces

And some blocking and screws to attach the pieces on the interior

And one thing we noticed when we were repainting this room that was brought to our attention again was the careless job whoever redid this room before us did

Our bed is level, the electrical outlets are not. Just one of the many great examples of the careless (and crappy) craftsmanship of whoever "worked on" our house before we moved in. We really should have fixed this when we started working on our bedroom, but we completely forgot. Sigh.

Once the 3 pieces of the frame were attached Chris primed the exposed edges and the last pieces of plywood in that gap in the middle

After everything dried, the mattress got moved back on and we were ready for sleep!

And let me tell you, this old view of the room...

...is now much improved

Now we just have to finish building the drawers for the bed and put the hardware on. But we are officially so close to finishing this project. And that, is wonderful.


rosedel said...

I'm so glad you have a bed! And those cubbies under it will still make a good place to stash stuff even before you have drawers. I'm a big stasher! The room looks good.

meryl rose said...

Oh, believe me, there are already things stashed :)

AZ DIY Guy said...

What an improvement! I love the after pic where the light is casting God-like rays above the baby. You can almost hear the angelic choir. The before pic, (with the prior owner's body rolled up in a blanket?) really reflects how far you've come.

The bed is really cool. Any way you can access that center panel as secret storage?

meryl rose said...

Lol, angelic choir over Zoe, ha! :)

Good idea about the secret storage, though I think with the frame already built how it is, the only way we can access it is when we take the mattress off.