Zoe: 7 Months

Our little Miss Zoe is 7 months old!

I just want to pinch those little apple cheeks! :)

We're definitely starting to notice quite the personality coming out in this little one. These last 6 weeks or so she's starting to feel a lot more like a little person. She is very playful, pretty tough, loves food, wants to do whatever you're doing, and has way. too. much. energy.

She's starting to play a lot more with her toys and will play a lot by herself, which is really nice. I can sit her down on her blanket with some toys in front of her and run around the house and take out the garbage, clean the toilets, unload the dishwasher, etc. Anything that I can get done in about 10 minutes. After that long she realizes she's on her own and is like, "What the hell!?" So I'll go and play with her. I only do that a couple times a day so I can run around and get something done, but it's nice to know that she's cool with it. I'll get down on the ground with her and play with her or work on an art project while laying next to her - she really just wants to know that you're there.

She also LOVES to bop her head around. We call it "rockin' out." She'll just be sitting there and start bobbing her head all around making "bababababa" noises. I think most babies do this, but it is so hilarious to see (and very hard to catch in action)

Oh, and I guess I should mention she's full on sitting up now. That happened last month or so, but I didn't do the 6 month update because that's when I was on my "timeout." So yeah, she's sitting up :)

She's trying to stand up too, which is HILARIOUS. Chris figured out a little while ago that she loved pulling herself up to a sitting position from a laying down position by grabbing your fingers. She just thought she was the best ever and had a HUGE grin on her face as she did it. So one day Chris helped her pull herself up from sitting to standing and she just about died with delight. Now, when you're sitting down on the ground with her and she grabs your hands she does this funny heaving thing trying to pull herself up, so we have to help her. She holds onto our hands the whole way up and while she's standing and she's gotten pretty good at it. She bops, chats, smiles and shifts her weight around now while she's up. We've let go a couple times and she's toppled right over, but she doesn't seem to mind it. It startles her more than anything, but we just clap and smile and she wants to do it all over again.

She's not quite crawling yet, but she does drag herself across the floor all the time. She's gotten pretty good at shimmy-ing around to get where she needs to go. It takes her a little while and there are lots of grunts involved, but she certainly is determined

She is loves food, and especially wants to eat anything you're eating. We haven't moved to high chairs when we go out to eat, so we've still been holding her, and she just grabs at food and (ESPECIALLY) cups whenever they're in your hand, "gimme!" The girl LOVES cups. It's hilarious. I don't know what it is about them, but the second she sees you put one to your mouth, she just needs to have it. We have a cup we've given her and she puts it up to her mouth, then pulls it away and smiles at you. Funny girl.

The energy of this child...oh man. I guess I should have expected it. Chris and I like to be busy, but holy shit, she just doesn't stop. And the naps are basically non-existent. I've had several friends who have kids that I've hung out with for several hours at a time just look at her and ask, "Does she ever sleep?" NO! Well, I lie, she takes 30 minute naps. Yes, 30 minutes. Oy vey. There was about a month long period from 2-3 months where she was great at naps, but pretty much since then she has decided that sleep is for losers. And she wakes up A TON at night. We've finally maybe gotten the nights under control to 7:30-7 with two feedings and maybe another 2 or so wakings. But oh man, I was dying for a while when Chris and I were tracking things and she was literally waking up 6-9 times a night. I thought I was going to die

But every day, without fail, the naps are no more than 30 minutes. I would say once a week she takes one for longer than 30 minutes, but then it's only 40. Hardly ever does she take one longer than 40 minutes. 2 naps are guaranteed, but one in the middle of the day is a maybe, and sometimes only 15 minutes. Literally. So by the time she goes to bed at 7:30, she's been awake for 12+ hours with maybe 90 minutes of sleep throughout the day. I don't know how she does it, because some days I want to throw myself out the window. My dad and mom both say I was like that and stopped taking naps altogether at about 18 months. I asked my dad what the hell he did with himself, and he said, "Well, you were the second one, so we already knew kids were nuts. But if you were the first one...man...we probably would have gone crazy."

So, she's just become my buddy. I take her wherever I go - to work, the grocery store, HD, the post office, on walks, on runs, out to eat with friends...the girl loves it all. Seriously, if she could go out and about all day long, she would be the happiest baby there is

I asked my dad when it was socially acceptable for her to be in year round sports. I'm thinking next month. We need to tire that girl out!

She certainly is our daughter: lots to get done, things to see, places to go! And we love her. We love the little family we've made. She's a cutie. Happy 7 months!


Heather said...

Oh, that smile! Those dimples! She's so freaking adorable.

Anonymous said...

She's so cute!

I just wanted to add my experience. My DD is 2 months older than Zoe and we went through the same sleep problems. I also thought I was going to die. Lots of google help made me realize that she was really, really overtired.

Babies apparently get more active when they're overtired (and have crap night time sleep). Their body thinks they can't sleep so as a survival mechanism they release adrenaline and it's really hard to calm down from it. Who knew?

It's really ridiculous how little awake time they actually are supposed to have. Like only 2 hours max after they wake up they're down for a nap again. And at 7 months she needed 3 naps a day. BUT now at 9 months we went from so, so many night wake ups and 30 minute naps to one night nursing session and two 1 hour plus naps a day. It's glorious.

I found this site really, really helpful. http://www.babysleepsite.com/schedules/8-month-old-baby-schedule/

Hopefully it gets better. It's such a hard gig and honestly you wear me out just reading of all you manage to get done! I feel like a superhero if I've kept the baby alive all day AND cooked dinner. lol

meryl rose said...


I had sort of thought she might be overly tired, but when I make it a low key day and just hang out and maybe go on a walk, she seems to get cabin fever. For instance, on Christmas Day we hung out at home all day and by the afternoon she was a complete basket case and Chris and I were bewildered. I will definitely try to maybe alter her schedule though and maybe not go out and about so much to try and see if that helps. Anything to try, right! I'm glad there might be light at the end of the tunnel :)

Deb said...

She is one cute 7 month old! I used to lie down with my son (my third child - only boy) to get him to nap during the day. He'd fuss a little, but I'd just hold him and we'd both fall asleep. It was the only way I survived!

Anonymous said...

She is just adorable!

Re naps, my oldest was just like that. We had a seasonal business though and when I had to work my mother in law and sister in law cared for him. It was their expectation that he would take a good nap (probably close to 2 hours) after lunch every day. They fed him, changed him, put him to bed all nice and comfy, quietly closing the door. And the little bugger slept! I tried to continue the schedule when I was back home with him, and it worked more often than not. So I think part of it was their "expectation" that he was going to nap like that.

My second son learned how to climb out of the crib at 8 months. That was terrible! So to get him to nap, I would put on some country music video after lunch and "dance" him to sleep. Then I put him in his crib to nap. Sometimes that only took one song, I don't think it ever took more than 3.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 again. I forgot how invaluable this site was too. The charts were especially helpful - that object permanence one especially. Also, it took a while being consistent with her schedule to get to a good place. Good luck!



Lisa Mac said...
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Lisa Mac said...

I am the luckiest grandma in the world and have the most beautiful granddaughter (Zoe!)!