Little Goings on in the Bedroom

A couple little bits have been completed in the bedroom on it's way to being completed (now we just need the bed done!) For instance, shortly after the bed went in, we took out one of our dressers and put in the table. Remember this baby?

That wall used to look like this

The dresser came out and things were vacuumed

And the table was put in

Of course, when this room is done there won't be piles of clothes on it, but we still don't have the bed drawers done, so there is a bit of a lack of storage currently

Then I turned my attention to this wall

My plan was to finally hang up my earrings, headbands and necklaces on this wall. Everything got laid out on the bed for Zoe to play with

Including a new frame because my earring holder that was sitting on top of the dresser fell and broke, so I needed to make a new one

 The earrings got hung up first (I still need to actually make it my earring holder)

Then the headbands

Then the necklaces

I was a little afraid that the earrings would be up too high, or the necklaces too low, and with only one set of hands and Zoe wrangling going on it was a little difficult to really get it all laid out beforehand so I sort of just decided to wing it. And thankfully it turned out pretty good. I also decided to forgo putting the frame on the headband holder because I actually really liked that the three organizers all looked slightly different.

Now there's just this wall left to be decorated (blank walls make me sad)

I've got a couple pics that we've printed of Miss Zoe that I was thinking about putting up here, but Chris and I also have a funny family picture planned, so I opted to wait till we take it and decide was size we want it printed before I go about hanging anything on this wall. We need Zoe to be able to stand mostly on her own before we can take the pic, so stay tuned. But it may end up looking something like this...

Teheheehehe. I'm excited.


Deb said...

I can't wait for the funny pic :) How's the sleeping going? Hang in there!!!

meryl rose said...

I can't wait till she can stand just a little bit better to take the pic! :) And our sleep adventures are going well! Much improvement!