Our Pie Chart Table for the Nook

Once the nook table was painted all white and in place, it was time to paint the top in a fun way

I trolled Pinterest for some inspiration and thought a chalkboard top would be fun, but Chris wasn't super keen on the idea. So after clicking around more and more I settled on a geometric pattern (surprise, surprise, right?)

Glass table top painted on the underside. I want to do just this but with different colors!
found here

table top pattern/color....love it!
found here
Those patterns were SUPER awesome, but also really intricate, and I didn't think I would have the patience. So I settled on a pie pattern. In order to figure out how big my pie slices should be I measure to get the circumference of the table

Once I had the circumference measured I figured that 4" would be the best size of each piece slice. I used a piece of yarn as my measuring stick to mark off 4" along the border

But like an idiot I somehow cut the 4" piece of yard at 4 1/4", so by the time I got halfway through the table, I was super off and the last slice was like 2"


So I tried again. This time with another material - the yard was a little stretchy, so Chris thought we should use some random internet cable we had lying around because it was still flexible to get around the curve, but didn't stretch at all

Then he got in on the action

But he made the same mistake and strangely decided that 4" was actually 4 1/8", so when he got halfway through he was off too, doh! So we remeasured for a third piece and did it again

Then the center spot got measured

And I got started.

When it came to deciding what the colors would be I thought that using all light colors would be good. Because there would be so many pie slices I didn't want to use all sorts of different saturations and hues because I thought that might look a little crazy, so by keeping everything light I thought it would keep things calm and subdued and really let the pattern shine

Then I got started

But when I got to this point I wasn't really feeling it

Even though I thought I had picked light colors, things still seemed too dark and I was afraid it would look a little crazy and out of control when I was done. Chris said if I wanted to change it - now was the time. I agreed and decided I would stick with most of the same colors I had already picked, but just mix white in with them. I redid the gray slice

And then moved around the table. Because of the nature of the pattern and how it had to be taped off I could only paint one slice at a time on each side. Things dried quickly, so I was able to get about 4-8 slices painted a day between life's other to do list items

Once I was done painting it, it was time for touch ups and sealing

I of course left it like that for about 2-3 weeks of course. Because that's what always happens - that damn last step takes fucking forever.

First I touched up the border a bit where I had painted a little exuberantly, and then I brought out our Minwax semi-gloss oil-based poly that we had hanging around from some other project at some point. I'm not a very big fan of Minwax, but we had it on hand, so I figured I'd use it. I had planned use 3-4 coats to really make sure it was durable and give it a super yummy semi-gloss finish, but after coat #1, things weren't looking so good

It went on really splotchy (I was super careful to paint it on with an oil Purdy brush very evenly). I wasn't pleased, but I thought maybe I wasn't as careful as I thought I was? So I used it for another coat. Coat #2 went on good, but coat #3 was horrible - about 9 hours later there was some sort of oily residue still sitting on top of the table after it had dried. That was the last straw of already not really wanting to use the Minwax we had hanging around. Every time we've used Minwax I've thought it sucked, so I have no idea why I assumed this time would be any different.

So last night while out at HD getting materials for some handyman jobs I decided to see what other poly they had to choose from. Of course because they're HD they don't really have the greatest selection and 80% of it is Minwax (boooooo) but they did have some Varathane, so I opted to try that instead. I have of course not painted the 2 coats on it yet (just to make sure the new poly is on there good) because last night I decided to plant myself in front of the TV instead of seal the table, but hopefully I get it done in the next couple of days and I can share it with you on Monday. Along with ---- what???? ---- finished curtains!?

They're not finished YET because I'm still painting those last two windows (yes, 3 months after I first started). But I got the last coat on them yesterday afternoon. With Zoe's help as always

Her first of many painting projects :)

Goal for the next couple days: finish two coats of poly on the table and get all the curtains up. It's going to happen damnit!


Deb said...

It'll be great! And...I'd have to compete with you for the last-step-unfinished award...I'm forever doing that. -Sigh-

meryl rose said...

Seriously, it always takes FOREVER. I have no idea why. You'd think we'd get excited about having a FINISHED PROJECT, but things always seem to sit 95% complete for days, weeks, months, ummm years (hellooooo laundry room)

rosedel said...

The table is beautiful! And I didn't even know you had fabric for curtains in there! You are moving right along!
I am always excited to start a project because I can imagine how great it will be at the end. But, then it takes too long and I mess up.... And it takes forever to finish. Sigh. So I am impressed with how much you have done, with many jobs and a baby!

meryl rose said...

Rosedel - maybe we should all start a "Get those remnant projects done!" series to get us all motivated... I know we've got a bunch around here!