Working on those Bed Drawers

I didn't finish the table and the curtains in the nook this weekend like I thought I might. Ummm, whoopsie :) I did paint one coat on the table, and my goal is to paint another today. Also to hem that one curtain that's too long. And my mom is babysitting Zoe, so that actually might happen! :) As for that 5th window that has no bracket for our curtain rod, well, we still haven't figured out what to do there yet. But we still were productive on other things this weekend!

Much like the headboard, it's been a while since we worked on the body of the bed. Chalk it up to lots of handyman work going on recently and being fairly tired. But a couple weekends ago we started making progress again! Really the only thing that's left to call the bed complete is the headboard and building the drawers, so Chris started working on cutting down the material for the drawer sides

Thanks to the track saw Chris quickly had a nice pile organized by each drawer

Once the material was cut down, it was time to use the handy dovetail jig I had gotten him for his birthday

The process was fairly loud (and dusty) so Zoe and I hung out just outside and watched Chris

Pretty cool, right?

It took Chris a little while to get used to the jig (as it does with all new tools) but it certainly made things easier. And faster. And so he just plugged away - cutting everything down, putting everything through the jig, and then assembling

And after a little longer than either of us anticipated they were all assembled and strewn across various spaces in the house. Now, we just need to order the drawer slides, order those two faux doors we completely forgot about...

...and stain and poly them, then attach the waiting door hardware and install everything. I can smell the finish line!!!!!!!


Deb said...

What a great tool!

sarah said...

Amazing. Drawers scare me. I dont feel confident in my ability to make them square. But...I will try my hand soon with some toe kick drawers.

AZ DIY Guy said...

Sweet! I have the same jig. Even though it takes a bit to get it dialed in the way you want it, it's still pretty awesome to crank out dovetailed boxes isn't it? Nice work!

meryl rose said...

That tool is so awesome to make projects faster and help ensure that the drawers are square - which, no matter how many times you do it is still a hope :)