Zoe Will No Longer Slam Her Head into the Wall

The headboard was looking like this

And in order to get it finished enough to put into place I needed to get the 2x4 wings attached to each side (and put in the upholstery tacks, but that could be done once it was up).

I was actually really eager to get this done because Zoe is a little wiggler at night and she tends to push herself up closer and closer to the wall when she sleeps, only to bonk her head and wake herself up. It's both kind of funny, but also pretty sad. So I wanted to get this done as quickly as possible to stop the head bonking.

I measured out for the length of the 2x4 wings and cut them down to size

Leaning up against 2x4's wouldn't be super comfortable though, so I padded the front of them with batting

Then it was time to wrap them in batting and fabric a bit before they got attached to the headboard. My plan was to staple the batting and fabric on the back of the 2x4, wrap it across the front, then attach them to the headboard and continue the batting and fabric across the side and onto the back of the frame. Sound confusing and complicated? Yeah, it kind of was. It was a little bit of a mind fuck, and I may have messed up more than once...

But then I finally thought I had it

Each 2x4 would be attached to the front of the headboard and then have the fabric wrapped around the side and stapled to the back. I completely had it under control when everything was on the ground like the above pic, but then when I would flip things over to so the back of the headboard was facing up so that I could attach things my mind would have a complete fucking brain fart and it would get all backwards. And normally I'm great at spatial analysis.

After trying several times to get my shit together, I still could not get it straight, so I resolved to attach things while sitting them upright, which required Chris' help (it's difficult to hold a 6ft wide headboard up straight while also drilling into it). Zoe was very curious about the whole process and was eager to help

Once the wings were attached it was time to get everything pulled nice and tight and get it stapled

Again, Zoe decided she was the assistant

A rather adorable assistant :)

The ends required a bit more finesse to make them look good

And those ends got stapled. A lot

But then, I was done!

Soooo pretty.

Then came the task of putting it in place. Chris was entertaining Zoe so I slid it through the house and got it into the bedroom. Yay for hardwood floors!

Once it was in our bedroom and on our bed I needed Chris' help. I could get it lifted onto the bed with a lot of grunting, but getting it positioned right required some gentler hands. Naturally Chris was holding Zoe while he helped, so it didn't go smoothly, but we got it up!

hello launry day

Yay! It still needs to be attached properly, but because it sits below the mattress and the mattress is fairly thick, it actually stays in place quite securely with no hardware.

I love how crisp and anchored our bed feels now. I can't quite explain exactly how much I love it, but I love it a lot :)

It still needs the upholstery tacks and to be centered properly but it looks fucking awesome. And the best part? Zoe will no longer whack her head against the wall. Yay!


rosedel said...

I love it! The velvet has the same texturey look that the walls have from the light fixture. Very nice.

Sarah said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to see it with the tacks!

AZ DIY Guy said...

Very cool project. One of a kind. Better get that thing anchored before Zoe gets big enough to start the flying ninja kicks into it. You gotta admit, it really is crying out for some pint-sized flying ninja kicks.

meryl rose said...

Thanks! And AZ, it totally is crying out for pint-sized ninja kicks. Maybe even some grown up ones too :)