Before I Can Paint the Nook

Thank you so much for all of your kind words on Monday's post about us getting married :) It made me feel super loved and happy and I'm always thankful for the wonderful things you guys all say. Thanks!

We're moving along on the nook, which is music to my ears, eyes and working hands. And we're actually nearing the point of being able to paint! It always seems so much easier than it is - "Oh, yeah, we'll just buy some paint and get this place painted tonight..." said us NEVER. I don't know about new houses (because I've never lived in one), but old houses, well, there are minor spots to be patched, random missing baseboard or picture molding, strange nails that need to be ripped out. You know how it goes. Pretty soon you've been prepping for paint for a week. Oy.

That's what it's been like over here at least.

Well, first off I got the pantry mostly organized. I bought some baskets at Ikea...

Tried to put things into somewhat reasonable groupings...

 And then realized I still needed another basket...

Damn not planning out my organizing plan before buying stuff at Ikea!

Ok, now back to prepping for paint. First, there are a bunch of holes that need to be patched, from random nails in the wall

Outlets that were rewired and need some sanding and a little more patching

Random spots in the wall that have holes and unevenness that will look like shit when painted because this room has no texture on the walls

Then of course there is the missing baseboard and picture molding

Why are those pieces missing? Well, if you didn't know that opening didn't used to exist, instead it was a full wall with a pocket door when we first moved in

Our kitchen obviously used to be tiny and when we demo'd everything 5 1/2 years ago...

...we decided that we wanted the space more open, so we installed a header...

And arched the opening to make it match the rest of the openings throughout the house. We never installed the baseboard or picture molding on the nook side of the opening, so now it's finally time to do it. Chris measured things out

And started getting things in. We had some leftover original trim that was laying around, so Chris decided to make use of it. It wasn't quite long enough, so he used a scarf joint to fill the whole wall

Of course in dealing with a 90 year old house and a wall that we had to alter, the walls are not perfectly plumb - shocking! :) So there were some little gaps between the walls and trim

Nothing caulking can't fix, right? :)

Oh, and of course, again, in dealing with a 90 year old house and installing headers, sometimes 1/4" looks like a big difference when your new picture molding hits up against the original picture molding in the corners

Again, hola caulking! :)

But I think it looks pretty damn good done

Now I just have to sand the walls a little bit, I still have some holes to patch, then it'll be time to clean the walls and then, THEN, I can finally paint. Yay! It will certainly be a little bit of an adventure to get these walls painted seeing as the walls are curved...


John @ AZ DIY Guy said...

I totally feel your pain with the uneven walls. Sometimes you need a conveyor belt to keep feeding fresh tubes to your front door, direct from the hardware store. It's looking great.

meryl rose said...

The uneven walls get to me. Every time. I have to keep repeating "this is a 90 year old house. This is a 90 year old house. This is a 90 year old house." But it's still frustrating every time.