Interrupting Regularly Scheduled Programming...

This feels like something I would normally post about on a Friday now, but it happened this weekend and I'm excited about it, so I thought I'd post about it today: we got married on Saturday

You may be slightly confused - and don't worry, some of our family was too - but we decided to get legally married on 4/26 for two reasons 1) we didn't want to steal Zoe's thunder every year with our official wedding anniversary the day after her birthday and 2) our current anniversary is 4/26 and we're too lazy to have to remember a new date to celebrate (Chris and I both have a horrible habit of forgetting our anniversary almost every year. Literally, yes, it happens over and over again by both of us).

We emailed our parents and siblings a couple weeks ago and told them the quick change of plans - we would be getting legally married on 4/26, but we were still going to have the big shibang 6/7 with all our friends and family and combine it with Zoe's birthday complete with ceremony, walk down the aisle, etc. Our family was excited and some had to rearrange their schedules (my awesome San Diego living brother and sister-in-law flew up just for the day), but they made it an evening to remember for us.

We kept it super low-key (yes, I wore a gray hoodie and jeans) and we alternated holding carrot chewing Zoe

My brother and dad walked me down the "aisle" while I hummed "here comes the bride"

yes, there is a toilet in the background. We keep it classy around here people.

My wonderful step dad married us and gave the best wedding marriage speech thing (what do you call what the "minster" [or in our case my athiest lawyer step dad, obviously we're very traditional] says?). It was so perfectly unromantically romantic. I was not emotional at all until CBH said that we weren't getting married for any other reason than it didn't really matter. I know that might sound weird to people, but it was so perfect for us. I got tears in my eyes and tried to keep my shit together :)

I told CBH he had to keep it to a minute in length, and it was really only about 90 seconds, so it was absolutely perfect. We exchanged rings...

And Zoe thought the whole thing was fabulous, she just kept clapping and smiling at our family watching us

Then of course we kissed, awwwwwwww :)

And of course we had to kiss Zoe

And the last item on the agenda? Going out to eat, of course! We went to a restaurant in Oakland called Lake Chalet, which is right on Lake Merritt, which seemed perfect because we took all my parental units there last October for my belated birthday dinner where we told them we were pregnant with Zoe :)

my brother and his wife had to catch their flight so they didn't make dinner and we took this right before we left and Chris' sister had already made her exit, should have taken it earlier!

It really was a fabulous little evening. It was really nice that it was super intimate and done just how we wanted it. And it will of course be completely fabulous to do it over again with our friends and family in a very celebratory way. I am thankful to have the family that I was born into, and now my family that I have chosen to create. I am really so fortunate, thankful, loved and supported by everyone, and that is a fantastic thing. Happy Monday you fine folks!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! How exciting.

I have to chuckle at not wanting to have your anniversary and Zoe's birthday so close together. We were married 8 years before having a baby. Then she showed up overdue and the day before our anniversary. Thunder stealer. lol

It looks like y'all had a perfect day. Happy for the three of you.

worry wort said...

This is the best. We're all super happy for you. Gooooo Meryl & Miller!

Deb said...


G said...

I love everything about this down to the gray hoodie - you guys ROCK. CONGRATULATIONS!!

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Congratulations!! Looks like it was a perfect day. Loved how happy Zoe looked about the whole thing :-)

rosedel said...

Wonderful! But, I think you got married sooner so you could wear your beautiful ring! :) Congratulations!

Deb said...

Love this - it's so perfectly you :) xoxo

meryl rose said...

Thank you so much for everyone's wonderful words :) It was a fantastic little evening and I'm glad we got to share it with those closest to us in a way that perfectly suited us :)

Gene Anderson said...

Congrats! Love the ceremony. K and I got legally married at the courthouse, then had a ceremony in her parents' backyard :-)

Erin said...

I held it together until the freaking adorable picture of you two kissing each other and then omigoodness you have to be kidding me even cuter picture of you two kissing Zoe. Then I cried.

I'm such a sap for weddings. Even ones that I'm not at. ;)

CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you guys.