The Bag Lady

Every kid has a weird habit, and one of Zoe's is "putting things on." As in, she takes anything with a strap or hole in it and tries to bring it over her head with the end goal of it being wrapped around her neck as if she's wearing it. She started doing this many months ago and I wasn't really sure what it was all about and my mom and dad both laughed and said she was trying to put whatever it was "on" (usually her burp cloth). I didn't think that was the case because she was only 5-6 months old and so I didn't think she really understood what putting on clothes was, but sure enough, the trend has continued. And now it's just about everything. It hilarious because now it's gotten to the point where she'll do it over and over again till she makes sure the item is secure and won't fall off, and then she crawls around. As if to say, "I clearly need to be wearing this before I can go out and about." And she does it with all sorts of things. My credential

My old Tower Records lanyard and a necklace

The Ergo

My purse is a favorite

As are my bras and bathing suit bottom

One of the more hilarious items that she tried to do this with was Chris' shoe. "Gotta try and put it on..."

"Oh, is it on?"

"Ok, now I'm ready to go"

One night maybe a month or so ago we took video of her doing it because she was being so hilarious about it - she literally would not crawl if she was not "wearing" her pants on her head. We could not stop cracking up. I tried to upload it, but for some reason it's not working :( I'll try again later today because it's pretty damn funny.

Kids are so weird :) What silly little weirdo habit did your kid have?


G said...

The look on her face!! These are an adorable set of pics!! Precious:)

Nora Schweizer said...

Emily tied everything in knots. Everything. Any belt, scarf, blanket, towel, napkin, shirt, pants, shoelace, extension cords, whatever. This drive me insane!

meryl rose said...

I know G, aren't her expressions hilarious?

Nora, oh my god, I hope Zoe doesn't knot everything. Emily must have just been practicing for her eventual genius by testing out new skills :)