Where are you House Fairies?

I wish Tinkerbell and some other awesome and helpful Disney characters (you know, Gus, and all those other dancing, singing, sewing, cooking adorable animals) would come on over Picardy way and help out a little bit.

I was hoping to get a teeny tiny bit of work done on the house yesterday to post about today, but that totally didn't happen. Monday was Opening Day for baseball, so we had a late night (Zoe was fabulous) and then we had to wake up EARLY yesterday morning to get out to SF to let in some floor refinishers at a property of my brother's. When we got home it was naptime for Zoe and because I was going to be away for the night I held her for her nap so we could get some cuddle time together. She took an epic nap (that 11pm bedtime made our little snuggler quite tired) and I actually had to wake her up in time to get her over to my neighbor's house for a couple hours of babysitting time. Then I had just enough time to shower, put away laundry, get caught up on email, send a proposal to my brother, make myself dinner for work at the A's, then go pick her up from my neighbor's, feed her, put her down for a nap, check in with Chris just as he came home, and then drive to work. Oh, and then the baseball game was cancelled (double header today). Sigh...

It was a long day yesterday, and it will be a long week. I thought I was only working at the A's Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but then saw that I was working Sunday too. Doh. That's a long week on top of regular job working. I don't mean to complain (because, let's all be honest, who doesn't like making money), more just make myself feel better for not having a proper post written for you wonderful folks about work I was hoping to get done that is nowhere near complete (or, really, even started). 

So, if you happen to see any house fairies - or don't forget about those little animals either - please send them our way! I've got a headboard that needs upholstery tacks

Drawers that are itching to be installed

A window that needs hardware so it's not naked anymore

Some plants that would like to be planted

And probably a bunch of other things I can't think of at the moment because I'm really so tired I can't quite remember what my name is. Alright, off to another day of work. But first, some playing with Zoe

Ok, now off to work.


G. Robison said...

I'd love to come over and help out, but I am a bit far away. All I can do is provide moral support at a distance.

Deb said...

Love her dimple... hope you get some rest soon!

Kathie said...

If you locate the house fairies, send them to chicagoland. This winter kicked my butt and it's still going.