Exactly One Month till the Par-Tay

Holy shitballs the party is in one month. You may remember these two posts about the party vibe and the list of things we want to get done to the house by the time the party day arrives, so let's check in.

First up - house the house work is going: we're not doing SUPER great on this list.

The back veggie bed still looks like shit, and weeds in general have overrun the back and front yards a little bit. But Chris' mom is coming over on Saturday and I know she'll whip our yards into shape. Hooray! :)

The pergola also still needs love

We built the little rock wall though, yay! It used to look like this

And now it looks like this

The lattice project isn't quite done yet

But it certainly looks a lot better than it did

The bed is coming along, but we still need those other drawer slides and then we can get the rest of the drawers installed...

...and then attach all the face frames. Oh, and I'm making progress on the nail heads! Lookey looo, I've moved on to the other side, yay!

Then of course there is still the nook that needs to be painted, ceiling repaired and painted and different light installed

I really need to get on that one...

Of course I have also been crafting and arting up a storm, hooray!

I made the flags for Zoe's Happy Birthday banner

But I won't put it together until the day of when I hang it all up. I'm also going to put together a similar banner for all of Zoe's monthly pictures and one for all of the years Chris and I have been together as well. I've got all those pictures printed, so I just need to make the flags for those two as well (and similarly won't put it together till I hang them up day of).

I saw this awesome image on Pinterest

1st birthday ideas kids parties
found here

Well, I thought it was pretty awesome so I made one too :)

I promise it looks a lot more exciting when hung from her hairchair than draped on drawers that still need to be installed.

I didn't want a conventional cake topper so I was cruising around on Pinterest and I saw this one

Pom Pom Cake Toppers
found here

And loved the idea of doing a word, so I used some leftover felt and skewers from the kitchen and made one myself

I didn't want to use a last name (I'm now hyphenated as Phillips-Miller), and using the word "Love" seemed really cheesy, so I thought "Happy" fit perfectly - Happy Birthday, Happy Marriage, Happy Day :)

And as for a bouquet made from an unconventional material? Well, I stole the FABULOUS idea from Mayfair Mistress to make a bouquet from A's tickets!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So personal and such a wonderful idea, thank you! I tried to use different kinds of tickets (Opening Day, playoffs, season tickets, comped tickets, etc.) to give it more color and diversity, and I think it looks pretty damn fabulous.

I tried desperately to find shoes for Zoe that matched mine

And they used to make them, but I couldn't find them ANYWHERE despite way too much time spent on the internet looking. So I relented and bought some white slip on Vans and gold glitter paint and painted a pair

I still think they look pretty damn cute!

So that's what we've been up to to get the party ready - and as you can tell there is still a ton to get done. I have lots of crafting I need to do still, tables and chairs to rent, backyard games to put together, drinks to buy, etc., and there is still the general house sprucing up that needs to happen as well, but nothing gets me motivated like a list I can check things off of! And the list I made is 37 items long...and that's just my crafting/ordering list, not even the house items...oh boy.


Michelle said...

I totally feel you, Meryl - we are hosting a large graduation party for our oldest (also on June 7th), and our to-do list is huge (see it here) and that is just the projects around the house list.

I was feeling pretty good until I saw you list today, yikes - I have to get on the party details, too. It is fun to follow along with your progress (I am updating on mine each Friday). Just know that you are not the only one rushing to get things done by June 7th.

Erin said...

Wow, you make me feel like a lazy ass!!! Everything looks amazing.

Zoe's shoes are the CUTEST. Fingers crossed for you that she will wear them. :)

meryl rose said...

Hooray for parties on 6/7! :)

Thanks Erin :) I put Zoe's shoes on ONCE to make sure they fit (first time she wore shoes) and she was quite confused and not sure she liked it. Fingers crossed it works for the party... :)

rosedel said...

Happy Mother's Day! Your first!

meryl rose said...

Thank you!