Meryl The Weed Whacker

I was a weed whacker this weekend, and I have burnt shoulders to prove it. Remember the veggie bed?

It took me over and hour and a really flattering picture of me...

But I weeded that motherfucker like nobody's business

Oh, why yes, and you may notice that we finished getting all the lattice installed, hooray!

Can you believe THIS is the evolution the back of our house has taken

when we first moved in

Door replaced, stucco patch, roof getting redone

Repairing the animal room (now Zoe's room)

All stucco redone, about to get painted

That's quite a crazy transformation. And one that I'm really proud of.

But anyway, back to the weeding...

When I was done with weeding Zoe was up from her nap and we elected to head to HD to get some plants, mulch, and another gallon of our exterior trim color because if you can see in the above pic the corner of the lattice wasn't installed yet because we ran out of paint and Chris needed to touch up a little.

This planting bed has always been a veggie bed. I like that, but unfortunately we just don't have time to tend to veggies anymore :( We have one veggie bed, and even that one we don't pay attention to nearly as much as we should. With Zoe and owning our own business and still working on our house all the time there are really only so many hours in the day we can devote to other projects, and this was just one that got neglected most of the time. So we elected to make this a flower bed, lay some good weed block and toss a good layer of mulch on top.

The bundle we picked up at HD

Planting went pretty quickly, and once I was done Chris came over to help - I laid down a very thick layer of weed block (again, the best we've found is newspaper) and he followed along with a very thick layer of mulch

Once things were planted and mulched we gave everything a really nice watering using water from our rain barrels

And voila!

I think it looks mighty pretty with the soon to be pretty flowers and nice, clean, painted, not falling apart lattice. Job well done. And TWO wedding/birthday fiesta items checked off the list :)

Oh, but my weed whacking wasn't done there. Then I decided to tackle this

Oh the horror.

The plan was to go at it with our weed whacker first, but that was quickly out of the question - it decided to be a fucking bitch and break about every 90 seconds. After fixing it 4 times less than 5 minutes into use I may have thrown it into the dump pile and stalked off.....It was back to me being the weed whacker. Which was not fun for this area because it has been so long neglected that those weeds were really in there good.

But after another hour there was success

Again Chris came to help once I was done with the weeding by bringing out the RoundUp and spraying the shit out of everything. Yes, I know, you can hate me if you want, but honestly nothing seems to kill weeds like RoundUp does and I buy organic produce, workout 4-6 times a week, double up on errands so I don't drive my car too much, we save all our onsite water so we don't contribute to run off, blah blah blah, so I'm sleeping fine at night that I'm not killing the world. If you can find something better that will kill my weeds and come over and do it for me, I'll take it, otherwise, RoundUp it is. (BTW, can you tell what a good mood I'm in this morning?)

This morning it's already looking better

I'll spray again tomorrow, then our goal is to plant this weekend. We're still deciding exactly what to plant, so hopefully we figure it out sooner rather than later. Alright, time to go spread aloe on my poor crisped shoulders (damn forgetting to put sunscreen on!).


Sherrill said...

Roundup is Agent Orange, which causes neurological damage. Careful when Zoe is around.

Anonymous said...

What about the toilet? Is that staying there? It is in every picture, even the before. I am wondering if you are so used to it you don't see it any more. Yard work is a lot of work, but very rewarding. Looking good! Well, you know, except for the toilet.

Jessica said...

Roundup is not Agent Orange. Roundup is glyphosate, Agent Orange was made of something called synthetic auxins. Auxins are plant growth regulators, glyphosate is an enzyme inhibitor. Also I'm sure Meryl's not letting Zoe play with the weedkiller.

MaryAnn said...

I just love you and your potty mouth! It's always appropriate for the situation!!!

rosedel said...

The back of the house is beautiful! I kinda like the toilet but get some drapey flowers to plant in it. The strip out front is fine like it is, isn't it? It's short and not in the way of people walking. I'd call it done!
What are you going to eat at the party? You've made a great space to celebrate in. I can't wait to see what you are going to do in it.

meryl rose said...

Yes, do not worry, we don't let Zoe play with chemicals, no matter their danger level.

I think actually the toilet may finally go. It is true that I completely do not notice it anymore because it's been there so long, isn't that ridiculous? We're making a final dump run before the party and I think it'll get the chuck then.

I'm never one to give up appropriate (or inappropriate) swearing :)

I think we've decided to plant a tree or two in the sidewalk strip and lay down some sort of weed barrier. It just always gets so out of control and I feel like now is probably the best time to have the most motivation to actually get a long term solution done. And food at the party is....hot dogs! A local well-known hot dog place is catering - it seemed like the perfect fit for a little girl who had a baseball baby shower :)