No More Nasty Red Peeling Paint

I was hoping to have more pictures about this (almost) finished project, but yesterday kind of sucked - I packed up a friend who is moving across the country (boooo hooooooo), we discovered that the toilet in our back bathroom is leaking (what the fuck?), Chris was working on priming the substructure of the house in preparation of the lattice trim and the bucket of paint fell and spilled about a gallon of paint all over the patio, and my absolute favorite art teacher while I was in college...

...passed away about a month ago and her Memorial Service was yesterday. Honestly - I didn't make it to the service. I was too tired and emotionally drained, and sometimes the unfortunate way I deal with grief is avoidance. And I didn't want to remember Anna that way. Public art was very important to her (which was my interest as well), so I decided I would go visit some of her pieces to honor her memory.

But anyway, back to yesterday...

One of the projects to hopefully have done by the party in a month (gah!) is the lattice on the back of the house

That old red peeling off paint doesn't look great, right? And since the party will be outside we didn't want our wonderful guests staring at this ugliness, so it seemed like perfect time to finally get it done.

There was prep work that Zoe definitely needed to help with

But in all seriousness, when Chris did start the prep work we got Zoe out of there because he worked on sanding some of the paint flecks off and we assumed this could have lead paint in it and since everything still goes in her mouth it was absolutely necessary that she not be around. Chris attached the vacuum to the sander, but it didn't catch everything, so we didn't want the little lady around.

Once it was sanded it was time to attach some bracing along the top so that the lattice would have something to attach to

Then it was time to prime. We wanted the wood behind the lattice painted the same color as the trim because our house is slightly not white and so we thought if the lattice trim was painted white it would look a little strange and like a mistake

And this was when the paint spill happened. Ugh. I was on the phone with a place we're hoping to do the food for our party while Zoe was napping when all of a sudden Chris banged on my office window. I rushed outside and there was paint all over. That sucks. We shoveled as much paint into a bucket, sopped up more with sponges and then brought out the hose and sprayed the shit out of everything. We scrubbed with brooms and sprayed more. We used the shop vac to suck up the dirty, paint water and after about 25 minutes things looked a lot better (and Zoe was a champ and slept through the whole thing so we were able to do a thorough job cleaning)

That's what was left. The patio is mostly clean now, but the PT wood wasn't so lucky. It certainly doesn't look terrible, so we were really lucky with how well things got cleaned up. It wasn't fun though.

After that Chris put the trim color coat on the substructure and this morning I took a pretty picture of it

It looks SO MUCH better now. I love that there is not anymore peeling paint and no more all sorts of different colors going on (peeling paint, bare wood, bare concrete). Of course we still have to put the lattice on, but things are looking positively awesome. And it's great to have an item that's been on the to do list since the house was painted (almost) done. Yay!


Mayfair Mistress said...

I feel you on the paint spill, a painter at our last house spilled a 5 gallon bucket down our roof! Gutters, shingles and patio were a mess. Your pavers look like they cleaned up great, but if not you could always flip them over which is what we did for the drips.

meryl rose said...

A 5 gallon bucket on the roof!? OMFG, what a nightmare. This was peanuts compared to that. I rescind my complaint! :)

John @ AZ DIY Guy said...

See?!! Humans were not meant to paint. Disaster is inevitable. The cleanup looks great, but of course I may not be looking too closely. It's probably because my eye is drawn to that facinating toilet herb garden feature. Did I miss an explaination along the line somewhere? Is that a back yard backup for the leaking toilet?

meryl rose said...

Lol! I don't think we ever really explained it, hahaha :) When we got the house there were several sinks and this toilet in the backyard. I made one sink into a planter box, another pedestal sink into a bird bath...
...and I never came up with an attractive plan for the toilet - which basically just seems impossible. Maybe after almost 6 years it's finally time to get rid of it?