I Can't Remember My Name

Hello all. I apologize for my absence this week. Life has gotten INSANE and I'm struggling to remember my name. Or put pants on. Or eat. Of course, not all those are actually happening, but I have forgotten to eat lunch a couple times this week, which, if you know me, that is just flat out pure insanity.

This has been our schedule this week

Oh, and that date Wednesday night for me and Chris? Totally didn't happen. Bad scheduling, jobs that took longer, general stress and bad moods. Ugh. We've gone on 3 dates together in the year+ now since Zoe has been born. Romantic, I know.

It's certainly been a challenge these first couple weeks with both of us working for our business full time. It's a new schedule to figure out (and a schedule that is already extremely inconsistent). Also, a huge renovation project for my brother's real estate biz started this week and we really hit the ground running. There have been meetings with the city, meetings with trades, many phone calls, ridiculous spreadsheets, etc. And the A's are in town this week and Chris is about to start a big job for a client.

Plus, Zoe has apparently entered a phase of being completely dissatisfied with everything I do for her. It's been a lot of fun. She's GREAT when other people watch her, but when she's with me it's a ton of grunting, crying, pointing, yelling, getting mad because she can't do as much physically as she wants, not wanting to eat anything I give her...sigh...there have been tears from both her and me a lot this week.

But so is the life of running your own business, working other jobs on top of that, attempting to renovate your house (but not really anymore) and trying to raise a kid. Oh, and also be in a relationship. Sigh. It's been a tough week. I can't say I will return with normalcy next week, because I think I may be playing catch up with the rest of my life, but I hope to return soon. I miss updating you wonderful folks. I hope you guys had a good week, and let us all please have a fabulous weekend, okay?


Deb said...

Hang in there...some weeks are like that

Erin said...

What is this "date night" you speak of? ;) Pretty sure you've been on more in a year than Mark and I have in 4 1/2 years. Sort of joking?? :D

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I could've written this post. Minus me having a business :)
Life with a little one is hard, I hope things calm down soon!

rosedel said...

So, okay, I was wondering if you all had fallen into the Pacific or something.... but you are posting on Facebook so I know you are okay and Zoe is beautiful as always. Take care of yourselves!