We Partied

Well everyone, the party was a WONDERFUL success! And we had sooooooo much fun. I'm still recovering a bit. Yesterday was cleanup around the house and a trip to SF to go over a project with my brother, sister in law, dad and Chris, so it was still pretty busy. I shall just fill you in with a ridiculous amount of pictures, and then post more about it later in the week.

I hope you enjoy! And really, get ready for a RIDICULOUS amount of pictures

nothing like wheeling your not running car to the curb while holding a baby

The house is ready to party

We were a little delayed in starting, not because the bride wasn't ready, but because the Preakness was late in getting started, and we of course had to show the horse race on the backyard TV

the TV was a big hit all party. Also, I love that throughout the party there was usually a beer can or bottle on Zoe's high chair.
Zoe was very into watching my sister in law beautify me

almost all ready!

Chris didn't take any time off and mixed up more mortar for our "guest books" to be signed. Carving names and messages were a big hit also, so he had to mix up more before the ceremony started

 Then it was time for the ceremony

me and my dad in our snazzy shoes (I hand drew patterns on Converse that my brother gave away as groomsmen presents at his wedding 3 years ago that they all wore at the reception and my dad thought it would be great to wear them for my wedding too. Loved it.

Then of course it was party time!

Our "cake cutting" was Zoe smashing into her cake

She was not super into it though...

She did however LOVE the ice cream we gave her instead

"Ummmm, more please"

And the winner of probably the best gift ever goes to my friends who bought one of these little toy cars and painted it A's colors and put a ton of A's decals on it to make it ZOE'S A's car. After all, it even says her name on the license plate.

It was a huge hit at the party and her cousins LOVED pushing her around in it

And after the party was done Zoe demanded to be pushed around more. Seriously, she LOVED it. If she was not moving she would yell out for someone to keep it going. It was quite hilarious

So there you have it. Our wonderful party. I only took the backyard pictures, so thank you to EVERYONE for posting these or texting them to me so I have wonderful memories of the day. It really was fabulous. I'm planning on doing a round up of the budget and all the DIY elements on Wednesday and Friday this week, so if you want to ignore wedding posts, feel free to come back next week. But I was pretty meticulous about keeping a budget and DIY'd a ton of elements, so I wanted to share how we made the party special - and affordable - for us.

Thanks for joining the ride with us!


Erin said...

Congrats! This looks like pretty much the coolest party I've ever seen. Love that y'all had Top Dog! Happy Birthday sweet Zoe!!!

G said...

You all look like you had so much fun - congrats!!

rosedel said...

You looked beautiful! Zoe's dress was too cute and I love those teeny tiny pigtails she was sporting! It looks like it was a great party and you had a good time. Congratulations!

Erin said...

Oh, and how long did Zoe survive in the dress? ;)

meryl rose said...

Thanks everyone! It was such an amazingly fun day and I'm glad I got to virtually share it with all of you!

Zoe wore the dress as I was getting ready (20 minutes), for the ceremony (5 minutes) and about 10 minutes after. She didn't mind it if she was being held, but honestly, dresses before kids can walk are just stupid because it gets in there way so much and she certainly got annoyed about crawling. We made her outfit change very quickly :)