Before I Can Paint the Nook

Thank you so much for all of your kind words on Monday's post about us getting married :) It made me feel super loved and happy and I'm always thankful for the wonderful things you guys all say. Thanks!

We're moving along on the nook, which is music to my ears, eyes and working hands. And we're actually nearing the point of being able to paint! It always seems so much easier than it is - "Oh, yeah, we'll just buy some paint and get this place painted tonight..." said us NEVER. I don't know about new houses (because I've never lived in one), but old houses, well, there are minor spots to be patched, random missing baseboard or picture molding, strange nails that need to be ripped out. You know how it goes. Pretty soon you've been prepping for paint for a week. Oy.

That's what it's been like over here at least.

Well, first off I got the pantry mostly organized. I bought some baskets at Ikea...

Tried to put things into somewhat reasonable groupings...

 And then realized I still needed another basket...

Damn not planning out my organizing plan before buying stuff at Ikea!

Ok, now back to prepping for paint. First, there are a bunch of holes that need to be patched, from random nails in the wall

Outlets that were rewired and need some sanding and a little more patching

Random spots in the wall that have holes and unevenness that will look like shit when painted because this room has no texture on the walls

Then of course there is the missing baseboard and picture molding

Why are those pieces missing? Well, if you didn't know that opening didn't used to exist, instead it was a full wall with a pocket door when we first moved in

Our kitchen obviously used to be tiny and when we demo'd everything 5 1/2 years ago...

...we decided that we wanted the space more open, so we installed a header...

And arched the opening to make it match the rest of the openings throughout the house. We never installed the baseboard or picture molding on the nook side of the opening, so now it's finally time to do it. Chris measured things out

And started getting things in. We had some leftover original trim that was laying around, so Chris decided to make use of it. It wasn't quite long enough, so he used a scarf joint to fill the whole wall

Of course in dealing with a 90 year old house and a wall that we had to alter, the walls are not perfectly plumb - shocking! :) So there were some little gaps between the walls and trim

Nothing caulking can't fix, right? :)

Oh, and of course, again, in dealing with a 90 year old house and installing headers, sometimes 1/4" looks like a big difference when your new picture molding hits up against the original picture molding in the corners

Again, hola caulking! :)

But I think it looks pretty damn good done

Now I just have to sand the walls a little bit, I still have some holes to patch, then it'll be time to clean the walls and then, THEN, I can finally paint. Yay! It will certainly be a little bit of an adventure to get these walls painted seeing as the walls are curved...


Interrupting Regularly Scheduled Programming...

This feels like something I would normally post about on a Friday now, but it happened this weekend and I'm excited about it, so I thought I'd post about it today: we got married on Saturday

You may be slightly confused - and don't worry, some of our family was too - but we decided to get legally married on 4/26 for two reasons 1) we didn't want to steal Zoe's thunder every year with our official wedding anniversary the day after her birthday and 2) our current anniversary is 4/26 and we're too lazy to have to remember a new date to celebrate (Chris and I both have a horrible habit of forgetting our anniversary almost every year. Literally, yes, it happens over and over again by both of us).

We emailed our parents and siblings a couple weeks ago and told them the quick change of plans - we would be getting legally married on 4/26, but we were still going to have the big shibang 6/7 with all our friends and family and combine it with Zoe's birthday complete with ceremony, walk down the aisle, etc. Our family was excited and some had to rearrange their schedules (my awesome San Diego living brother and sister-in-law flew up just for the day), but they made it an evening to remember for us.

We kept it super low-key (yes, I wore a gray hoodie and jeans) and we alternated holding carrot chewing Zoe

My brother and dad walked me down the "aisle" while I hummed "here comes the bride"

yes, there is a toilet in the background. We keep it classy around here people.

My wonderful step dad married us and gave the best wedding marriage speech thing (what do you call what the "minster" [or in our case my athiest lawyer step dad, obviously we're very traditional] says?). It was so perfectly unromantically romantic. I was not emotional at all until CBH said that we weren't getting married for any other reason than it didn't really matter. I know that might sound weird to people, but it was so perfect for us. I got tears in my eyes and tried to keep my shit together :)

I told CBH he had to keep it to a minute in length, and it was really only about 90 seconds, so it was absolutely perfect. We exchanged rings...

And Zoe thought the whole thing was fabulous, she just kept clapping and smiling at our family watching us

Then of course we kissed, awwwwwwww :)

And of course we had to kiss Zoe

And the last item on the agenda? Going out to eat, of course! We went to a restaurant in Oakland called Lake Chalet, which is right on Lake Merritt, which seemed perfect because we took all my parental units there last October for my belated birthday dinner where we told them we were pregnant with Zoe :)

my brother and his wife had to catch their flight so they didn't make dinner and we took this right before we left and Chris' sister had already made her exit, should have taken it earlier!

It really was a fabulous little evening. It was really nice that it was super intimate and done just how we wanted it. And it will of course be completely fabulous to do it over again with our friends and family in a very celebratory way. I am thankful to have the family that I was born into, and now my family that I have chosen to create. I am really so fortunate, thankful, loved and supported by everyone, and that is a fantastic thing. Happy Monday you fine folks!


The Bag Lady

Every kid has a weird habit, and one of Zoe's is "putting things on." As in, she takes anything with a strap or hole in it and tries to bring it over her head with the end goal of it being wrapped around her neck as if she's wearing it. She started doing this many months ago and I wasn't really sure what it was all about and my mom and dad both laughed and said she was trying to put whatever it was "on" (usually her burp cloth). I didn't think that was the case because she was only 5-6 months old and so I didn't think she really understood what putting on clothes was, but sure enough, the trend has continued. And now it's just about everything. It hilarious because now it's gotten to the point where she'll do it over and over again till she makes sure the item is secure and won't fall off, and then she crawls around. As if to say, "I clearly need to be wearing this before I can go out and about." And she does it with all sorts of things. My credential

My old Tower Records lanyard and a necklace

The Ergo

My purse is a favorite

As are my bras and bathing suit bottom

One of the more hilarious items that she tried to do this with was Chris' shoe. "Gotta try and put it on..."

"Oh, is it on?"

"Ok, now I'm ready to go"

One night maybe a month or so ago we took video of her doing it because she was being so hilarious about it - she literally would not crawl if she was not "wearing" her pants on her head. We could not stop cracking up. I tried to upload it, but for some reason it's not working :( I'll try again later today because it's pretty damn funny.

Kids are so weird :) What silly little weirdo habit did your kid have?


More Drawers!

This past weekend Chris got 3 more drawers installed in our bed, yay!!! He probably would have motored and got a few others done, but the rest of the drawer slides are on back order and won't be coming till May. Doesn't that feel like a really sick way of the universe rewarding us for finally making progress on the house again? Lame.

But, anyways...drawer progress was exciting, and not just for me

If you need some help with the drill, you know who to call


Before the drawers go in the bed Chris takes each drawer out to the garage with its drawer slides and mounts the slides on a piece of wood and the other slide on the drawer making sure that they match to each other and slide to the correct point. Then he brings both pieces inside, mounts the slide on the piece of wood to the inside of the drawer's little cubbie, and then slides the door in place

Then you have to make sure everything is awesome :)

And tell your baby how the drawer works

And lastly, marvel at their awesomeness again

That's 3 more working drawers!

We haven't put the drawer fronts on them yet, and even though I'm really excited to, Chris reasonably said we'd install them when all the drawers were installed just for the sake of being more efficient. Damn logical thinking! It will be SO AWESOME when we have all these drawers installed, all the drawer fronts on, all the drawer pulls on and the awesome headboard done. And I've made a little progress on that front too

I've still got to figure out how I want to finish the top (tacks all the way over the top or not), but either way, this is looking miiiiiighty fine :)