About Us

Chris and I met in the fall/winter of 2004 when I was a sophomore at UCDavis (Chris had graduated a few years earlier) and I interviewed at Tower Records, where he was a manager. A few months later we started dating, and now nearly 8 years later I feel beyond lucky to call this wonderful guy my best buddy and my hot boyfriend :)

Over the years we've had a lot of adventures together: We love to travel and take road trips - we've visited nearly every state in the US (Chris only hasn't visited Alaska) and spent 3 months living in a car together while we trekked around visiting all the MLB ballparks. We've lived in a couple of states (California, Texas, and Ohio) but found ourselves settled in Oakland, CA (I'm a Bay Area native and Chris is from LA).

And if you hadn't guessed from that road trip above, we LOVE sports. I work for the Oakland A's and feel so lucky to get paid to watch baseball. We go on an annual college football voyage where we travel to another state to watch a college football rivalry game. We routinely make bets with each other around March Madness time, we're glued to the TV every bowl season, and don't even get us started on the Olympics! We also love movies. Chris' grandfather was a film historian and an expert in American film music. That love has been passed down to Chris who reviews all the movies he watches on his website and I was a film minor in college so we absolutely love watching movies together.

But most of all, we love renovating our house together. Chris has an endless quest of curiosity and a love of building that has turned him into a wonderful builder. I am constantly amazed at how much he knows, how good he is at just about everything he does and his desire to always make things right. I grew up helping my dad on projects around the house because my older brother couldn't care less and so I have turned into Chris' trusty assistant. Together, I could not be more happy to make our once falling over house a wonderful home.

We've ripped rooms down to the studs, redone the entire electrical, tiled for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours, installed hardwood floors, sanded down and refinished hardwood floors, ripped off the corner of our house and rebuilt it, gutted the entire back of the house and rebuilt it, removed popcorn ceilings, re-glazed dozens of windows, re-plumbed a bathroom, installed kitchen cabinetsinstalled a french drain down the side of our house, built a pergola, loaded in TONS of pack (and lots of other materials) on the way to laying a 950 sq. ft. patio and driveway, and countless other adventures. It really is a labor of love and I couldn't be more happy to be working on it with Chris and sharing it with you wonderful readers (if you don't mind my cussing rants from time to time...)

Oh, and I almost forgot, we're expecting a little baby girl at the end of May of this year. We're excited to raise a little builder and can't wait for her arrival! Please join us in our wonderful adventure!