Before & After

It's been four years and it'll still take longer to get it all done, but here are the rooms/spaces we've finished so far

The Kitchen

The kitchen was our first big overhaul in the house and the first room we took all the way down to the studs. See all the work it took to get there (we started even before we moved in) here, and our Before &After reveal here

The Foyer

Our foyer wasn't a huge transformation, but we did inherit a hollow core door that was too short (we could fit out foot under it) as our front door when we moved in. We may have had that sheet of plywood up for several months as a "door" (thank you patient neighbors!) Read about all the fun projects we tackled here, and our Before & After reveal here

The Art Room

We thought this room would be a quick turnaround, but when we were replacing a window we found out we had to essentially rebuild the corner of our house, which was a not so fun discovery or adventure that you can read about here. And while this room served me well as an art room for about 3 years (you can read our Before & After reveal here), I started to get sick of the decor, and then we found out we were pregnant and this room needed to become my office (current office is the baby's room), so I redid it again and you can read all about it and see our Before & After post here

The Garage

The garage was a pretty big undertaking. It was out of plumb several inches and the back of the foundation had fallen off the slab, gah! We attempted the some of the structural work ourselves, but realized it was probably best to bring in an engineer and have the professionals take care of things (read about it here). There were new trusses, footers, was a huge overhaul and you can read our Before &After reveal here and now it has become the workshop we absolutely could not live without.

The Main Bathroom

We ripped this room down to the studs (and discovered a hole down to the crawl space from so much dry rot). You can read the highlights about fixing it up here  and our Before & After reveal here

The Animal Room

This room was pretty disgusting when we first moved in: the window was broken, it stunk like a wet dog (hence the name we gave it), some flooring was missing, the walls had holes in it - oh the fun. But we did a ton of work to turn it into the office of my dreams (which you can read about here, and our Before & After reveal here), but just like with the art room, when we found out I was pregnant this room needed to be transformed into baby's room, and you can read all about the Before & After here.

The Patio

Oh my goodness did re-doing 950 sq. ft. of patio and driveway take FOREVER. You can read about all the work it took here, or about how over the course of all of that work we lifted over 200,000 pounds of material, and also check out the Before & After reveal here

The Front of the House

Getting the front of the house finished was actually a 2 part-er. First up was getting it painted, which was a big project that we actually subbed out (though we did most of the prep work ourselves to save $ which you can read about here). Then we waited, oh a year or so before we tackled the landscaping. Fortunately once we started actually working on the front yard consistently it was our quickest start to finish project (about 2 months), but that doesn't count the small stuff we did here and there (that may have resulted in a black tarp sitting on our yard for over 6 months...) Read all about the Before & After here (with links to many of the fun projects along the way)

The TV Room

Completing our TV room (the first room you encounter when you come into the house) took us about a year, but that's because we got lazy when we were 97% done and moved on to other projects throughout the house. We finally returned to it and checked off two items on our to do list and called it done almost exactly a year after we started it. You can see our Before & After reveal here (which includes MANY links to projects including, removing our popcorn ceiling, refinishing our floors, designing and building our entertainment unit and many, many others)

The Back Bathroom

This bathroom was our only working bathroom for the first 2 years we lived in the house and it was disgusting. After we renovated our main bathroom it sat in a state of demolition for another 2 years before we finally got our asses into gear and finished working on it. With an impending baby arrival we hustled and redid EVERYTHING in 4 months. Check our Before & After reveal here (with many links to the projects it took to get it done).

The Hallway

This project was one of our quickest start to finish, which was awesome! It was previously a really dark and dingy looking space and with the help of painting everything crisp and bright, ripping out closets that were way to large for the space and adding in personal artwork from our travels around the US, we created a space that we love. You can read all about it in our Before & After post here.